The Shirt History

Undeniably, shirt is the most important clothing for men

Undeniably, shirt is the most important clothing for men. It has intense semiotic interest, because it reflects the personality of the man who wears it, and diachronically his choices, expresses his culture and aesthetics.


Its roots touch upon the Kalaziri of Assyrians and Babylonians, the Kandy of Persians, the Hitona of Greeks, and finally, the Tunica of Etruscans and Romans, all of whom were the ushers of today’s shirt.


The term Camisas, dating back to the 17th century, signals the beginning of the newer history of shirt. Throughout the years, high quality fabrics, collars and cuffs have portrayed the professional identity of the economic workforce.

Today, more than ever, the world of shirts has to offer the best possible variety of choices.


However, for Oxford Company the shirt is not simply a dress element, but a raison d'être and vision.



Oxford Company has two lines of shirt fits, the Regular and the Slim. The Regular line is suitable for those who do not prefer tight fitting to their body, and the shirts do not have pleats at the back. The Slim line has pleats and flatters the most perfect and thin body types.