The fabrics are divided in two main categories related with the way of woven. The One-Ply and the Two-Ply.

It is the fabric that is woven with one thread in warp and one in abb.

It is made with dual warps (double thread) and dual abbs. It is particularly durable over time and maintains the quality and brightness of its colours. Particularly easy to iron and suitable for daily use.

Cotton remains the most widely used raw material in the buckrams distinguished for their quality and  toughness. Specially designed fabrication processes and various techniques of weaving cotton have been developed, resulting in improved buckram quality. The word Cotton, is a paraphrase of the ancient Arabic word Qutun that means "conquer". It constitutes spinning the fibrous material that is extracted from the cotton plant. It is discovered as a raw material during the expedition of Alexander the Great in India.

Soft, transparent, with a very thin warp - abb. Historically it was first introduced in ancient Egypt, where it was considered as a gift from the Gods to humans.

Fabric that resembles linen but is in actuality cotton.

A kind of particularly durable, sturdy cotton fabric. Its main characteristic is its peculiar weave. The warp is thinner than the abb. It was manufactured for the first time around 1870, in the city of Oxford, from where it took its name.

Known otherwise as Pin Point Oxford, it constitutes the refined version of Oxford that was created with the advancements in the development of textile machines.

Cotton fabric, soft and diachronic.

Monochrome, Cotton fabric, made from worsted yarns with a special weave in which the filling yarns pass over one and under two or more warp yarns, to give an appearance of diagonal lines.

Cotton fabric with a distinct appearance accomplished when  a light coloured yarn is being woven with a dark coloured one in succession.

Double faced firmly woven fabric with ribbed,corded or ridged wales.

Fine and lightweight cotton fabric with a basket-like weave. It is named after Zefyros, the Greek mythological God of the western wind.

Durable, cottoned material, the very well-known denim.

This cotton fabric can be characterized as diagonal.