Monogram service

Το μονόγραμμα είναι σχεδόν ότι και η υπογραφή ενός ανθρώπου.

he monogram on a classic shirt is similar with the signature of a person. It is a choice that gives the mark of individuality. The embroidered initials are your own unique “brand”, a statement of differentiation.

Personalize your shirts by adding your monogram or choose monogrammed shirts as an exceptional unique gift.

In Oxford Company you can add your personal monogram on your classic shirts, either new or purchased in the past from Oxford Company. You can select between regular and calligraphic fonts, and the colour of your preference, among the 12 colours available.

The cost to add monogram to your shirt in any store of Oxford Company nationwide is 10€. To use the service in three or more shirts you have a 30% discount over the overall charge.

For members belonging to the third scale of Oxford Company Club, the service to add monogram is free of charge. The time required to receive your shirt with the embroidered initials is 7 days. If you wish a shorter delivery time, you  can request it and if possible we will provide it to you.

Put your personal signature to your look with your monogram made by Oxford Company, the Shirt Expert.